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The Practical Sharepoint Governance (PSG) Project
is an effort by Mark Vogt et al to provide Sharepoint users everywhere with some tools & processes which make governing large (even massive) Sharepoint environments both understandable and achievable. This includes several Sharepoint sites (hey - USE Sharepoint to GOVERN Sharepoint - what a concept), as well as numerous (beloved) PowerShell script cmdlets to assist in the necessary "policing" which is part & parcel Sharepoint Governance...

Two sites form the core of PSG:
Site 1 - a public site - "Organization ABC's Sharepoint Governance Site (aka 'The SG Site')" and
Site 2 - a private site - "Organization ABC's Sharepoint Governance Board Site (aka 'The SGB Site')"

The SGB site is a child site of the SG site, so Sharepoint governance is readily contained all within a nested pair of sites, and therefore easy to place in an existing site hierarchy, as well as easy & intuitive to use...

The SG site contains numerous lists & doc libs of standards, policies, examples and whatnot - all targeting an audience of fledgling Sharepoint users, with the goal of making "driving between the ditches" (using Sharepoint wisely) both UNDERSTANDABLE and ACHIEVABLE.

The SGB site is a private site used by the actual team of cross-department representatives who will "govern" Sharepoint for The Organization...

-Mark Vogt, Project Founder

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